Destination – Europe (mini break hotel) 2 Berlin

Destination – Berlin

Revive and recharge in an urban jungle at the ’25hours Bikini Berlin Hotel’ designed by Studio Aisslinger. Headed by Werner Aisslinger, the studio is known for its experimental use of materials and concept development, collaborating with some of Italy’s most famous furniture brands such as Cappellini and Porro as well as Vitra in Switzerland. Werner also develops product designs and architectural projects  for the likes of Adidas, Mercedes-Benz and Bombay Saphire, in the world of product development and furniture design there doesn’t seem to be many greats that this designer hasn’t worked with!

The 25hours Bikini Berlin Hotel is a reflection of Aisslingers ever evolving industrial design ideas contrasting foliage with illuminated room numbers, this hotel truly is as diverse as the city it sits in. The hotel is situated in a 1950s Bikini -Haus building and was opened in 2014, it boasts 149 rooms, a roof terrace, bar and restaurant which has proven popular with the locals as well as the guests.

I chose this hotel because of its mix of styles, colours and materials. Being a designer who is always looking for the next new material to manipulate for a space I feel this hotel pushes its limits with mix match furniture, lighting and textures.

Greeting you in the lounge area are exposed beams and brickwork, a collection of interchangeable seating and sporadically hanging planters. The bar is constructed from a large wire mesh shelving unit acting as a partition to the oversized steps which double as seating scattered with an array of Moroccan style cushions.

Illuminated room numbers light the corridors set against an exposed concrete ceiling but one of my favourite things about this hotel is the copper sheeted walls which act as bed heads. They add a little glamour to the space as well as being a material that naturally ages, the walls will change over time adding to the industrial feel. Highlights of colour injected in the furnishings and light fittings does make the place feel a little thrown together, like an experiment or a pop up hotel, but for me it works. This hotel is exciting, surprising and very ‘trendy’.

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