Scared of pattern? Here are 5 ways to inject some printed fun into your home

Scared of pattern in your home? I understand. As a print and pattern designer it is very easy for me to get excited about fluro prints and bold abstract patterns but when it comes to adding it into our homes even I freak out a little. It’s a risk, what if I don’t like it in years to come? what is it clashes with other items in my home? and what will my friends think?

Pattern doesn’t have to be scary, I have clients who are terrified of prints and assume that to add colour and pattern in your home it must be with floral quintessentially English (Laura Ashley style) curtains or bedding. Wrong! I have put together 5 easy steps to help you introduce a little interest and uniqueness into your space. After all our homes say a lot about us why not let it out!

1 – Artwork

Simple! A lot of people are unsure of what style artwork they want staring at them from their walls, artwork should reflect your personality and you should feel connected to it somehow. Don’t panic buy prints because you just don’t know what you want, shop around, take your time and invest in something that speaks to you. I am not talking about buying original artwork/paintings (although this is something I wish I could afford) there are plenty of digital versions out there which aren’t a triptych of a New York skyline like something you’d find in a cheap hotel lobby.

 2 – Textiles

Cushions, throws and bedding are interchangeable and versatile. If you suddenly decide it’s too much, swap them round, keep your home fresh and updated, invest in colours and patterns you like not just what will go with your scheme.

3 – Flooring

Tiles Tiles Tiles – I love them! This is THE way to add pattern to your space and there are so many amazing tile stores out there at the moment too! See Marrakech Design for more. This doesn’t have to include a bold colour choice either you can use a monochrome palette if you wish.

Screen Shot 2018-08-07 at 10.21.05.png

If you’re not redesigning there are some gorgeous rugs available which can compliment existing floors. Keep your eyes out for something a little more adventurous. If your walls are neural, add colour and print, if your walls are coloured then opt for a more monochrome rug but don’t substitute the pattern!

4 – Furniture

Okay so you don’t have to go as crazy as this space from Living Etc and actually patterned furniture is a hard one to get right! The most common colour choice for sofas here in the UK is grey…grey?! What does that say about our personalities? I’m guilty of it too but think about how many people you know who also have a grey sofa?! EVERYONE!

At the moment Palm Springs is a massive trend, tropical prints and clashing painterly fabrics but this isn’t going to be around for ever. If you want to invest in a patterned furniture piece make it something that can be reworked and updated with cushions and throws throughout the seasons. May I suggest something a little less wild, how about this beauty from Florrie and Bill?

5 – Accessories

This is the super easy way to do it, whether its dinner plates, vases, storage boxes or towels, next time you’re looking at the plain options, move away and grab something a little more vibrant. After all someone has put thought in to the pattern and designed the print especially for the product. Try to tell me you wouldn’t feel instantly uplifted drying yourself with one of these beauties?!

Be afraid no more pattern dodgers, there’s no more excuses, brighten up the place, support print designers and let it in. I promise your home will feel warm, inviting and a lot more personal!

A x