The 70’s Trend Takeover

The 70’s trend has been filtering in to our wardrobes slowly over the last few years since designers such as Saint Laurent and Chloé debuted their SS15 catwalk collections featuring flared sleeves, neckerchiefs and floaty lace.

Hedi Slimane for Saint Laurent and Chloé SS15 (Vogue)

Hedi Slimane for Saint Laurent and Chloé SS15 (Vogue)

It didn’t stop there and now 2017 has seen the 70’s trend take over in a big way in both fashion and interiors. The original Seventies brought bold colours, prints and layering as well as the continuation of the 60’s clean lined mid century furniture. It was also the decade when Conran’s Habitat store, established in the 60’s, became a high street familiar and is still one of our favs today! In previous years to find 70’s furniture you had to be savvy and buy vintage but recently and luckily for us the high street have finally got hold of the trend and have reworked some classic style treats!

Before I share some amazing hight street steals I wanted to show you how the pros work this trend. See Dorothee Meilichzon’s (Studio Chzon) interior for new hotel ‘The Henrietta’. Sconce lighting, sludgy velvets, matching motifs and lots of brown are all reminiscent of the 70’s and have been remastered in this boutique hotel decor right in the centre of London.

Jonathan Adler has been championing the 70’s in his interiors and furniture since 2014. This house on Shelter Island (New York) beautifully combines Californian, Scandi and Japanese style all with a throwback of chic 70’s details. Vintage chairs reupholstered in contemporary felted fabric and ceramic wall tiles help bring this kitsch interior right up to date.

Never really a fan of the 70’s look myself I can’t help but be won round with these style steals! New season, new style and whether you’re discovering the decade for the first time or revisiting it from your past, sooner or later you too will be wearing or decorating your home with a little bit of retro style.

  1. Lemon Duvet Cover – Habitat – from £30
  2. Knox Retro Chair – £149
  3. String Chair – Royal £169
  4. Patch Rug 170cm x 240cm – Habitat £450
  5. Cole & Son – Contemporary Restyled Hicks Grand Wallpaper – Naken Interiors £76 per 10m roll
  6. Sadie Table Lamp – M&S £69
  7. Seville Sideboard – Swoon Editions £649

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Scared of pattern? Here are 5 ways to inject some printed fun into your home

Scared of pattern in your home? I understand. As a print and pattern designer it is very easy for me to get excited about fluro prints and bold abstract patterns but when it comes to adding it into our homes even I freak out a little. It’s a risk, what if I don’t like it in years to come? what is it clashes with other items in my home? and what will my friends think?

Pattern doesn’t have to be scary, I have clients who are terrified of prints and assume that to add colour and pattern in your home it must be with floral quintessentially English (Laura Ashley style) curtains or bedding. Wrong! I have put together 5 easy steps to help you introduce a little interest and uniqueness into your space. After all our homes say a lot about us why not let it out!

1 – Artwork

Simple! A lot of people are unsure of what style artwork they want staring at them from their walls, artwork should reflect your personality and you should feel connected to it somehow. Don’t panic buy prints because you just don’t know what you want, shop around, take your time and invest in something that speaks to you. I am not talking about buying original artwork/paintings (although this is something I wish I could afford) there are plenty of digital versions out there which aren’t a triptych of a New York skyline like something you’d find in a cheap hotel lobby.

 2 – Textiles

Cushions, throws and bedding are interchangeable and versatile. If you suddenly decide it’s too much, swap them round, keep your home fresh and updated, invest in colours and patterns you like not just what will go with your scheme.

3 – Flooring

Tiles Tiles Tiles – I love them! This is THE way to add pattern to your space and there are so many amazing tile stores out there at the moment too! See Marrakech Design for more. This doesn’t have to include a bold colour choice either you can use a monochrome palette if you wish.

Screen Shot 2018-08-07 at 10.21.05.png

If you’re not redesigning there are some gorgeous rugs available which can compliment existing floors. Keep your eyes out for something a little more adventurous. If your walls are neural, add colour and print, if your walls are coloured then opt for a more monochrome rug but don’t substitute the pattern!

4 – Furniture

Okay so you don’t have to go as crazy as this space from Living Etc and actually patterned furniture is a hard one to get right! The most common colour choice for sofas here in the UK is grey…grey?! What does that say about our personalities? I’m guilty of it too but think about how many people you know who also have a grey sofa?! EVERYONE!

At the moment Palm Springs is a massive trend, tropical prints and clashing painterly fabrics but this isn’t going to be around for ever. If you want to invest in a patterned furniture piece make it something that can be reworked and updated with cushions and throws throughout the seasons. May I suggest something a little less wild, how about this beauty from Florrie and Bill?

5 – Accessories

This is the super easy way to do it, whether its dinner plates, vases, storage boxes or towels, next time you’re looking at the plain options, move away and grab something a little more vibrant. After all someone has put thought in to the pattern and designed the print especially for the product. Try to tell me you wouldn’t feel instantly uplifted drying yourself with one of these beauties?!

Be afraid no more pattern dodgers, there’s no more excuses, brighten up the place, support print designers and let it in. I promise your home will feel warm, inviting and a lot more personal!

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Destination – Europe (mini break hotel) 4 Paris

Whether you’re escaping for a romantic getaway or a cultural experience, Paris is definitely one of the most beautiful and popular destinations in Europe and is admired by people of all ages.

My fourth and final hotel of my Destination Europe feature is Hotel Panache designed by industrial design hero Dorothée Meilichzon.

Set in a seven story nineteenth century corner building in the centre of Paris, this hotel oozes flamboyant character with playful prints and a timeless colour palette mixed with a retro art nouveau theme. The reception and restaurant area is decorated with a classic dark parquet floor inlayed with geometric tiles along with a modern take on art nouveau panelling finished off with a gold trim and soft velvets.

Dorothée Meilichzon’s truly unique style encapsulates every inch of this hotel from the futuristic angled mirrors that line the corridors to the decorative rattan headboards in every room.

The geometric rhythms continue with each room being beautifully styled with accents of gold and black light fittings and fixtures set against bespoke wallpaper. From single rooms to family suites, every space has it’s own unique pattern and beautiful felted upholstery for each guest to put their feet up and pause for thought while they soak up their surroundings. The bathrooms boast full size tubs and floor to ceiling tiles making it the perfect place to relax after touring the streets of Paris.

With a gorgeous website to match, book yourself in for a taste of pure Parisian paradise this summer.

I’m already looking for flights!


A x

Clerkenwell Design Week (London 24-26 May 2016) – My Top Picks

  1. deVOL Kitchens

Known for their classic range of beautiful bespoke made interiors, hand made in Leicestershire England, deVOL’s stand caught my eye with its new range of kitchen ‘shakers’. I was dazzled by the copper sinks and Carrara marble worktops as well as the gorgeous range of paint finishes.

Featured above is their new utility display at Cotes Mill painted in the luxurious ‘Pantry Blue’. For more information visit

2. JamJar Lights

JamJar Lights was launched in 2013, the business developed from a small home based project into a well established unique lighting company within just three years. JamJars stand at Clerkenwell was filled with their full range of products from the original jam jar pendant light to fair ground lights, sockets and switches and chandeliers. The industrial trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere and I think these guys are pioneering it!



You’re the designer! Made to order in their Birmingham workshop you can customised the cable colour, bulb size and ceiling rose finish for the perfect bespoke touch.

3. Very Good & Proper

London based design firm Very Good & Proper create practical furniture built to last by the most talented craftsmanship using the best quality materials. One particular product that got me excited was this modern take on the classic canteen chair. In a range of stunning colours I could take them all!

First launched in 2009 the ‘Canteen Utility Chair’ is designed by Ed Carpenter & André Klauser. For more information and to view Very Good & Proper’s full range visit the website below

4. Pluck

I was delighted to stumble across Pluck in the British Collection! I’ve found my new favourite kitchen designers, their use of texture,shape and materiality as well as sense of colour had me swooning. The stand was utterly unique, it featured cut out shapes showing off their colour palette like a puzzle…

Pluck have been designing and making furniture for 10 years in their Brixton (London) workshop. With all their experience they are constantly developing their craft, designing kitchens for modern living and tastes. Pluck’s website is well worth a visit, check out the ‘palette’ section for the most beautiful colour combinations to feed your inspiration.